Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Secret DNA Testing: Annie's Mailbox. Salt Lake City UT.

I just happened to stumble across this article today. First up, I'm going to ignore the fact that this article is from a newspaper in Salt Lake City. I don't think that the prominent religious attitude has anything to do with the question or the answer. But then again, 4 kids? Here's proof that people in Utah have more kids. There, I feel better, found some solid data. Back to the point at hand. 
The article is a 'Dear Annie'. Here's the story: A man has 4 grown kids. His wife is dead and he's questioning if he's really the father of daughter number 2. He's wondering if there's any way to do a 'secret DNA test.' Annie answers him with the following: 
There are ways to get specimens, but we are asking you not to do this. We urge you to convince yourself she is yours and believe it with all your heart, because in the most important sense, it is true.
Seriously? What century are we in? 

First off, of course there are ways of doing a DNA test without the parties knowing. Recently a woman contacted us wanting to test her teenage son and her husband, without either of them knowing. After 15 years she needed to know if her husband was really the father. But before she broke the news to either of them she felt it was best if she knew the truth. She sent her son's toothbrush and her husband's cigarette butt. After comparing the two profiles from those secret items, sadly the result was an exclusion. There was a 0% probability of those 2 items being from a biological father and son. 

I'm not going to deny that Annie is right about the daughter. In the most important sense this man is the father. But it's eating at him so much that he writes into a newspaper seeking answers? He deserves to know the truth. My advice to Annie is to help the man find the answer to his question, then let the psychoanalysis begin. Until then Annie should stick to baking cookies for her undoubtedly large family. 

Here's Annie and family's State Dress Code. Just for kicks. 

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  1. this is seriously mean-spirited and bitchy. leave the mormons alone.